ConTEXt Group: Modules

Module: BNF Grammar

Id: t-bnf
Title: BNF Grammar
Short: Typesetting BNF grammars
Description: The 't-bnf' module provides a simple way to write good-looking BNF-style grammars in ConTeXt. Grammars are written using the BNF syntax right in your ConTeXt documents, so there is a clear separation between content and layout. This allows the user to decide exactly how the grammar is to be displayed, while also allowing the gist of the grammar to be understood from simply looking at the source ConTeXt document.
Keywords: computer science
Module maintainer: Nikolai Weibull
Type: Macro module
License: GNU General Public License
Version: 2006.08.09
Date: 14-9-2016 09:30
File list: tex/context/third/bnf/t-bnf.tex