ConTEXt Group: Modules

Module: Filter

Id: filter
Title: Filter
Short: A module to run external programs on the contents of start-stop evironment
Description: The filter module provides a simple interface to run external programs on the contents of a start-stop environment. Options are available to run the external program only if the content of the environment have changed, to specify how the program output should be read back, and to choose the name of the temporary files that are created. The module is compatible with both MkII and MkIV.
Keywords: external programs
Module maintainer: Aditya Mahajan
Type: Macro module
License: BSD License (simplified)
Version: 2020.06.29
Message: This release adds support for XML export. When export is enabled, e.g., using \setupbackend[export=yes] then \defineexternalfilter[whatever][....] \startwhatever ... \stopextwhatever is exported as ... And, \inlinewhatever{...} is exported as ... This is mainly a feature enhancement to support the XML export for the vim module, but might be useful in its own right.
Date: 30-6-2020 07:02
File list: tex/context/third/filter/t-module-catcodes.mkii