Modules and Packages for ConTeXt

Algorithmic Port of the algorithmic package for LaTeX.
AMS-LaTeX compatibility AMS-LaTeX compatibility
Animation Generate Animations based on the fieldstack mechanism.
Annotation Create todo lists.
AquaMints Symbol Support Map file, symbol name definitions, and usage example.
Bib manual Bibliography documentation
BNF Grammar Typesetting BNF grammars
Bold small caps Bold Small Caps for Computer/Latin Modern
Bold typewriter Bold Typewriter for Computer/Latin Modern
C-Pretty-Printing Pretty printing C
Chinese Font Support Necessary files to write chinese texts in ConteXt with the PDFTeX backend.
Chromatograms Macros for chromatograms
Collating marks The module provides possibilities to print collating marks on the spine of sections
Construction Plans This module provides a command that generates a page with a figure with a well defined scale.
ConTeXt Lettrines Decorative paragraph starts
Cross Referencing Inline text referencing
Cyrillic Numbers Module Typesetting Cyrillic Numbers
Degrading JPEG images This module degrades jepg-images on the fly to a given resolution, if some additional software is installed (epstopdf, jpeg2ps, convert, identify, bc).
enigma Enigma encryption.
Extended description Allow the creation of extended, reusable description-like environment with multiple data
Fancybreak Insert thought breaks in texts.
Filter A module to run external programs on the contents of start-stop evironment
FiXme Port of the FiXme package for LaTeX.
French documents This module tries to do all necessary setups for French documents, but it's still far from perfect.
Fullpage Page layout
Games Produce printable and interactive versions of board games.
Gantt Drawing Gantt charts
GFSDidot OpenType fonts ConTeXt support for OpenType font GFSDidot
Gnuplot Inclusion of Gnuplot graphs.
Greek This module allows typesetting ancient (polytonic) Greeks in a variety of fonts.
Image downsampling Downsample image-files on the fly with MKIV.
Inifile Parsing an inifile and printing the contents with user defined layout. The entries of the file can be sorted with up to 3 sort-keys.
LaTeX LaTeX Compatibility Modules for ConTeXt from Brooks Moses
Layout Draws a representation of the layout of the current page
Letter module Writing letters with ConTeXt.
Letterspace Easy letterspacing macros for mkiv.
Lilypond GNU LilyPond bridge
Lucida Bright font support Files missing in both TUG Lucida font distribution and ConTeXt distribution (2007-04-20).
Math Sets A module to typeset mathematical entities like sets, probabilities, expectation, etc. These entities can be written without any additional markup, and the module takes care of automatic scaling of delimiters and vertical bar (|). The code is based on Donald Arseneau's braket.sty
Natural math Natural math
Paragraph referencing Direct referencing to paragraphs
PocketDiary PocketDiary is a flexible personal organizer which can be printed on a single side of an A4. After folding it is a handy booklet
Raw steps This module provides steps that span on multiple slides instead of requiring JavaScript
rstConTeXt Convert and typeset reStructuredText with ConTeXt.
Ruby Ruby markup
Simple Bibliography A simple bibliography without a database - just with items.
Simplefonts Module to simplify the font mechanism in ConTeXt MkIV.
simpleslides A module for creating presentations in ConTeXt.
Smart Game Format This module is to typeset Weiqi/Go/Baduk game with SGF syntax and can only support ;B and ;W now.
Storm Font Support Storm fonts
Support for cwTeX fonts Support files to use the chinese cwTeX fonts in ConTeXt.
T-Account Drawing T-Accounts with ConTeXt.
taspresent Provides an easy interface for simple presentations in ConTeXt
TeXShow ConTeXt command and parameter reference
Title Place document titles.
Transliterator Inline Transliteration of contemporary and historical cyrillic, glagolitic and greek scripts.
TypeArea Something like KOMA-TypeArea
Typescripts A collection of typescript files for free and commercial fonts.
URW Garamond Support URW Garamond Support
URW Gothic Support URW Gothic support
vim syntax highlighting This module uses Vim editor's syntax files to syntax highlight verbatim code in ConTeXt
visualcounter Visual display of ConTeXt counters