ConTEXt Group: Modules

Module list

Title Module maintainer Version
T-Account Wolfgang Schuster2009.02.06
Algorithmic Wolfgang Schuster2013.06.03
Animation Wolfgang Schuster2013.04.07
Annotation Wolfgang Schuster2013.05.27
AquaMints Symbol Support Vit Zyka2005.07.24
Bib manual Taco Hoekwater2009.11.05
Chromatograms Peter Münster2008.04.05
Bold small caps Peter Münster2006.09.12
Bold typewriter Peter Münster2006.09.12
Collection of calendars based on the PocketDiary-module Willi Egger1.1
Cross Referencing Zenlima0.9.3
Date driven lists or lists driven by date-intervals Willi Egger2022-08-13
enigma Philipp Gesang0.1a
Collating marks Willi Egger2022-01-01
Fancybreak Wolfgang Schuster2015.04.18
Filter Aditya Mahajan2022.02.17
Fullpage Wolfgang Schuster2017.08.27
Gantt Adam Reviczky2012.08.19
GFSDidot OpenType fonts Thomas A. Schmitz2005.12.17
Gnuplot Mojca Miklavec2013.05.09
Image downsampling Peter Münster1.002
Syntax Highlighting Christoph Reller1.1
Karnaugh VicSanRoPe1.1.1
Letter module Wolfgang Schuster2021.10.16
Letterspace Philipp Gesangrev26b
lua-widow-control Max Chernoffv3.0.0
Lucida Bright font support Vit Zyka0.9
Math Sets Aditya Mahajan2011-01-22
metaducks Jairo A. del Rio2021-3-13
Paragraph referencing Zenlima0.8.2
PocketDiary Willi Egger2.5
PresVoz Pablo Rodriguez2021-12-19
C-Pretty-Printing Peter Münster1.4
rstConTeXt Philipp Gesang0.6c
Simple Bibliography Zenlima0.8
Simplefonts Wolfgang Schuster2013.02.24
simpleslides Henning Hraban Ramm2022.07.13
Storm Font Support Vit Zyka2010.09.24
sudoku Jairo A. del Rio2021-04-21
BNF Grammar Nikolai Weibull2006.08.09
Construction Plans Peter Münster2008.04.05
Cyrillic Numbers Module Philipp Gesangr20
Degrading JPEG images Peter Münster2006.09.12
French documents Peter Münster2011.11.09
t-gm SCARSO LUIGI2015.10.02
Greek Thomas A. Schmitz2013.04.30
t-gs SCARSO LUIGI2015.10.02
t-handlecsv Pablo Rodriguez2019.05.27
Inifile Peter Münster2008.07.15
Layout Patrick Gundlach2007.06.27
ConTeXt Lettrines Taco Hoekwater2009.01.20
Raw steps David Munger2006.01.12
taspresent Thomas A. Schmitz2008-08-11
TeXShow Taco Hoekwater2006.11.20
Title Wolfgang Schuster2017.08.27
Transliterator Philipp Gesang2021-2
TypeArea Peter Münster2008.04.05
Typescripts Wolfgang Schuster2021.09.02
URW Garamond Support Peter Münster2006.12.23
URW Gothic Support Taco Hoekwater2006.12.22
vim syntax highlighting Aditya Mahajan2022.02.17
visualcounter Aditya Mahajan2013.04.01
Extended description Giuseppe Bilotta20011109