ConTEXt Group: Modules

ConTeXt Modules usage


Please note: the current version of the website is preliminary, and much can still be improved.

If something is not working right or if you have an idea how something can be made to work better, please send an email message to the mailing list.

If you are just passing by, then there is not much to do on this site. You can use the modules list to look at the currently defined modules, but that and this page are about the only interesting things on the website for you.

Installing ConTeXt Modules with LMTX

You can list and install modules with the mtxrun script install-modules:

  mtxrun --script install-modules --list
  mtxrun --script install-modules --install some_module
  mtxrun --script install-modules --install module_one module_two
  mtxrun --script install-modules --install --all

Installing ConTeXt Modules with MkIV

You can install modules with the first-setup script: --modules="t-simpleslides,t-french"

Contributing to ConTeXt Modules

In order to be able to upload modules, you have to be a registered user.

To register as a module uploader, follow the register link. The Userid is what you use to log on, the Full name is what people will see as the author of your packages. On completion of the form, a message will be sent to the Email address containing a link that you need to follow for registration confirmation. Clicking the link in the message will complete the registration process; until that time your account is blocked. Please do not forget your Password, you will need it to log on.

Once you have successfully completed the registration process, log in on the login page.

More Information

See the wiki page about modules.