ConTEXt Group: Modules

Module: lua-widow-control

Id: lua-widow-control
Title: lua-widow-control
Short: Automatically remove widows and orphans from any document
Description: Lua-widow-control is a Plain TeX/LaTeX/ConTeXt package that removes widows and orphans without any user intervention. Using the power of LuaTeX, it does so without stretching any glue or shortening any pages. Instead, lua-widow-control automatically lengthens a paragraph on a page where a widow or orphan would otherwise occur. Unmodified TeX has very few ways of preventing widows and orphans. In documents with figures, section headings, and equations, TeX can stretch the vertical glue between items in order to prevent widows and orphans, but many documents have no figures or headings. TeX can also shorten the page by 1 line, but this will give each page a different length which can make a document look uneven. The typical solution is to strategically insert \looseness=1, but this requires manual editing every time that the document is edited. Lua-widow-control is essentially an automation of the \looseness method: it uses Lua callbacks to find "stretchy" paragraphs, then it lengthens them to remove widows and orphans. Lua-widow-control is compatible with all LuaTeX-based formats. All that is required is to load the package at the start of your document. To load: - Plain LuaTeX: \input lua-widow-control - LuaLaTeX: \usepackage{lua-widow-control} - ConTeXt (LMTX): \usemodule[lua-widow-control]
Module maintainer: Max Chernoff
Type: Macro module
License: Mozilla Public License v2.0
Version: v1.1.2
Message: Fix crash under ConTeXt LMTX
Date: 15-12-2021 07:27
File list: doc/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.pdf