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Module: Math Sets

Id: mathsets
Title: Math Sets
Short: A module to typeset mathematical entities like sets, probabilities, expectation, etc. These entities can be written without any additional markup, and the module takes care of automatic scaling of delimiters and vertical bar (|). The code is based on Dona
Description: Description: This is a partial port of Donald Arseneau's braket.sty to ConTeXt. This module allows you to define macros for bra-ket notation, set specifiers, and macros for probability and expectation, with a single vertical bar ("|") between two bracketed parts. The module documentation is available in doc/context/third/mathsets/mathsets-doc.pdf
Keywords: math,
Module maintainer: Aditya Mahajan
Type: Macro module
License: (unknown license status)
Version: 2011-01-22
Date: 30-8-2023 18:23
File list: doc/context/third/mathsets/mathsets-doc.pdf