ConTEXt Group: Modules

Module: vim syntax highlighting

Id: vim
Title: vim syntax highlighting
Short: This module uses Vim editor's syntax files to syntax highlight verbatim code in ConTeXt
Description: This module highlights code snippets using vim as a syntax highlighter. Such a task may appear pointless at first glance. After all, ConTeXt provides excellent syntax highlighting features for TeX, Metapost, XML, and a few other langauges. And in MkIV, you can specify the grammer to parse a language, and get syntax highlighting for a new language. But writing such grammers is difficult. More importantly, why reinvent the wheel? Most editors, and many other syntax highlighting programs, already syntax highlight many programming languages. Why not just leverage these external programs to generate syntax highlighting? This module does exactly that.
Keywords: syntax-highlighting
Module maintainer: Aditya Mahajan
Type: Macro module
License: BSD License (simplified)
Version: 2020.05.17
Message: Minor feature enhancement: export minor groups The default vim syntax highlighting has two typees of syntax highlighting groups: preffered groups and minor groups. By default, in `syncolors.vim`, the minor groups are mapped to preffered groups. This is overridden by most colorschemes, but since `2context.vim` does not load a colorscheme, we got the default mapping. As a result, the generated `*.vimout` file only contained the preffered group. In this release, default mappings for all minor groups are added to `2context.vim`, so the generated `*.vimout` file now contains all the default group names (both preffered and minor). The minor groups are already mapped to the appropriate preffered groups in `t-vim`, so this has no visible impact on any existing code, but it does allow the user to change the mappings of the minor groups. Based on a bug report by Nicola on the context mailing list.
Date: 17-5-2020 09:40
File list: tex/context/third/vim/t-syntax-highlight.mkii